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BloomyPro’s advanced cloud-based software provides a virtual tool to create custom bouquets and plants.
Tailored for designer-to-buyer collaboration in every channel: Breeder, Grower, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, eCommerce, Mass Market and Traditional florists.

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Experience the Virtual World of Product Creation in a Global Environment


Share it

  • Share completed designs with selected customers and clients
  • Make live-time adjustments and alterations of flowers, fillers, sleeves and pics
  • Save and share photo-ready product for marketing materials, online catalogues, warehouse inspections and sales plans
  • Access all historical product, pricing and customer interactions 24/7
  • Maintain live-time communication with customers’ needs

Fast & flexible

  • Log-in to search, select and arrange from a complete  line of flowers, sleeves, pics and accessories
  • Create new bouquets, view saved bouquets and give/receive feedback
  • Manage inventory and pricing approvals
  • Make adjustments in live-time just the way you like it!
  • See the latest product additions with immediate access!
  • Access all functions via PC, MAC and Mobile
  • Share it.. Adjust it… Re-send it wthout multiplied cost


More value, less cost

  • Experience a virtual, collaborative working environment across all retail channels and categories
  • Create and offer product lines without development cost of live fresh-cut inventory
  • Access on-demand, virtual inventory of new sleeves, pics and accessories
  • Share and re-share products with customers without the excessive overhead of photography, packaging and shipping expense
  • Collaborate internally on product inventory and management-approved cost quotes
  • Manage all product offerings online, with offerings dated, priced and stored for each client

Get inspired by BloomyPro and Create like never before!

Watch BloomyPro in action and experience the endless design possibilities for your business.

For who

All you need to start with BloomyPro is an internet connection and optimally a connection to your production and inventory. Images of the most up-to-date flowers, sleeves, containers and other décor items are available 24/7 - ready to create hundreds of special products for your customers faster than ever before.


Efficient way to organize and communicate new breeds to the industry, with a usable forum to use them in new products.


24/7, live-time way to receive product ad-ready offerings from suppliers, and to mutually communicate adjustments to the offering or share your own design ideas.


Productive, online application to communicate new products to customers through virtual, paperless catalogs, eliminating the expense of sampling and laborious photography.


Collaborate with customers in a virtual, live-time forum with your own branded B2B portal promoting your custom designs, without catalogues, photography, shipping costs and the waste of perishable product.

For who

More than 1,000 unique flowers to choose from

In our database, we have more than 1,000 flowers – each of them photographed and adapted for a 3-D presentation. Arranging your own stunning, virtual bouquet is quick and interactive. Adding the final touches of decorative sleeves and pics is easy and efficient.

More than 1,000 unique flowers to choose fromFlowers


Please take a look at our extensive product.
Important & innovative features to create and manage your own floral business in the Cloud!

Finance module

Manages pricing, packaging and shipping in your own account. Send your quotations with one mouse-click to your customers. It’s easy!

Product design

Designers will be free to create like never before, with access to more than 1,000 flowers, plants, sleeves, pics and other enhancements.

Virtual Shopfloor

Store all of your creations on a virtual shopfloor, with 24/7 access to all creations, financials and plan-o-grams. Manage live-time category data, customer impact and optimized financials in one easy environment!


24/7 online availability to all sleeves, pics and packaging, with seasonal access to the latest collections! Grow your sales and profits with unlimited marketing capabilities!

Our Cloud

Everything you need to manage your creative business in the Cloud. Just log in and get started quickly!

BloomyPro Connectivity

SAAS platform

The BloomyPro software is 100% cloud-based. No installation, no updates, no unnecessary hassle syncing data between different devices.

Multi responsive

The BloomyPro tool is a responsive design and works on Mac, PC and any mobile device and browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


BloomyPro is connective with ERP and any other software system through API. It is an easy-to-use and highly secure online platform.

BloomyPro Overview

ECollaborative, Live-Time & Interactive

Cost Management Tools with
Management Approval Capabilities

Retail Sales Plan-Ready with
Image and Recipe


Integrates with Inventory and Maintains
Record of All Offers

Faster to Market. Significant increase in Marketing Capabilities

Flowers, Sleeves & Pics at hand! More Tools and Enhancements coming soon!

100% Control on quality

Virtual shop flooring with Floral Design Suite

Real-time inventory connection

Quotations are ready made

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