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Revolutionary 3D technology software for the floral industry.

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Start arranging flowers virtually.

very easily

  •  Save money and time
  •  Design better (unique) bouquets
  •  Improve your display
  •  Connect data, suppliers, co-creators
  •  Work anytime, anywhere
  •  No more transport, create a better world!

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3877 unique flowers to choose from.

Add sleeves in any color and
design with just one click


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Florists & retailers

Manage your collection of flowers and design your bouquets with BloomyPro Create. Sent your purchase orders to your suppliers. View your collection in the 3D Display tool, review and analyze your financial goals and share your new display (planogram) and collection with all shops and employees. Also for eCommerce: start selling flowers online with full integration to you producer or supplier all prices are up to date.



Gathering flowers and buying sample sleeves is history from now on. With the real-time inventory and customer data integration you can create stunning bouquets from behind your PC and sent out the best quotes in a view clicks. Receiving and planning orders with BloomyPro business will come soon.


Schools & students

Use BloomyPro as your online learning tool. Teach and learn wherever, whenever. Todays students are digital natives – and florists of the future. Teach in flowers and their varieties, learn to calculate and easily share your work. BloomyPro is the platform where floral theory and practice coming together.

Why use BloomyPro?



1. Create

  • Easily create bouquets online, 24/7
  • Adjust all you want
  • Maximize your creativity
  • Use free templates or re-use your favorite recipe’s
  • Real time co-creation
  • Publish and share 2D or 3D images

Save money
with calculation


2. Calculate

  • Improve sales margin
  • Increase revenue management
  • Optimize assortment per store cluster
  • No more physical demo’s
  • Reduce costs to manage suppliers and collections

Work everywhere


3. Share

  • Easily share your bouquets with everyone
  • Work whenever, wherever
  • Realtime co-creation
  • Embed virtual bouquets to your webshop
  • Let consumers configurate their own bouquet

Theory and

4. Learn

  • The perfect learning tool for schools and students
  • Theory and practice coming together
  • Teach & learn wherever, whenever

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BloomyPro is awarded by the European Commission